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JScore – Livescore is a must-have app for sports fans.
For any sports games in the world you can find its latest scores,
analysis, highlight videos, and news in JScore.
Playground for all sports fans.

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JScore provides real-time livescore, analysis with statistics
and news of your favorite teams, leagues and players.

  • Livescore

    Find latest score of your favorite team. Livescore shows you real-time scores and updates of all games in the world.
    You can also customize livescore with your favorite team and competetions.

  • Analysis

    Preview the match. JScore’s analysis shows results of previous matches and records. You can check these sports data of past three years in order to analyze the match.

  • Stats

    Check real-time game stats and summaries. JScore provides all useful information with easy and dynamic design and animation for your favorite sports games.

    Team JScore

    We are the sports data tech oriented team. We love sports and analyzing sports data. We’ve learned knowing these data make us more fun enjoying sports. So, we are committing ourselves to generate better analysis and easier user interface for all sports fans in this world. We want to make a new paradigm enjoying sports with our service.

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